They moved the FA Cup semi-finals to Wembley to make them an even bigger showpiece than they already are (and to help pay for Wembley).

It would make sense, then, that when they are televised they are not put on at the same time as a absolutely massive Premier League game.

But the BBC have shown that they don’t seem to have any sense, at least not when it comes to Arsenal – this is the broadcaster who made Arsenal fans travel to Manchester on a Monday night, after all, despite the fact that there were no trains home for fans.

Manchester United face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge with a kick-off that is just ten minutes later than the semi-final and despite how much I love Arsenal, even I know that the neutral will opt for that game if they have Sky Sports.

Perhaps that’s what the BBC were aiming for, a slice of Sky’s market. They need to learn that they cannot compete with the monster that is Sky and stop trying, or, at the very least, try their experiments with a team other than Arsenal.

Speaking to the media in his press conference on Thursday, Arsene Wenger said the decision to play both games at the same time was ‘difficult to understand.’

“Something should be done. I’m surprised they don’t analyse it in the TV deals”, Wenger said. “I’m surprised a game of the same stature is played at the same time. There’s a little conflict there. It’s difficult to understand.”

Stupidity often is, Arsene.