Round here at Cannon Towers we’ve been fighting a war against stupid people.

These are the people who claim that Mesut Ozil is ‘nicking a living‘, the type who state that Raheem Sterling is better than the World Cup winning German and then, when challenged on that stupid assertion, reiterate it.

We don’t like them very much.

Thankfully, they don’t seem to bother Ozil who knows better than any of us that he is amazing.

“If you look at my statistics, I am one of the players who covers the most distance,” he told Sport Magazine. “Also, if you look at the stats in terms of assists and creating chances, they are all pretty good. I know some people might want me to make X-number of passes – but people often miss what goes on off the ball.

“I’m not really bothered what critics say. What’s important is what the manager and coaching staff think. I am a team player, I just care about always giving 100 per cent for the team.”

Ozil is a silent assassin, sneaking around the pitch, covering every blade of grass without people really knowing what he’s up to. Finally dragging some of his teammates up to his wavelength, he’s able to find them with deft flicks, caressed passes and delightful backheels – you just never know how he is going to get the ball to you, but more often than not he will find a way.

Then there is the other side of his game; pulling players all over the pitch to create space for others.

There is nothing that Ozil does that we don’t love, and the fact that he does it all while looking like he couldn’t give a rat’s arse about the whole thing just makes him even more amazing in our eyes.