Arsenal Ladies have played five games so far this season and there is an obvious trend that you see when you look at the line-ups.

Pedro Losa is the new tinkerman, the same way Claudio Ranieri used to rotate his line-up and tactics/systems. Most of the changes have been due to injuries or player unavailability but it is interesting to have a look at the statistics so far.

Millwall  Lionesses A 7-0:  Byrne, Scott, Stoney, Rose, Mitchell, Losada, Nobbs (1), Humphrey (1), Sanderson (1), Carter (3), Sanchon (1) .  Subs used Clarke, Oliver, Williamson

Notts County A 1-1: Byrne, Scott, Stoney, Rose, Mitchell, Weir, Losada, Nobbs, Carter, Sanderson, Sanchon. Subs used Bailey, Ubogagu (1)

Chelsea A 1-2: Byrne, Scott, Stoney, Rose, Mitchell (1), Williamson, Losada, Nobbs, Smith, Carter, Sanchon  Subs used Sanderson, Ubogagu, Weir

Bristol H 2-0: Chamberlain, Scott, Stoney, Rose, Mitchell, Williamson, Nobbs, Losada (1), Humphrey (1), Carter, Yankey  subs used : Ubogagu, Bailey, Sanderson

Manchester City A 1-0: Byrne, Scott, Rose, Williamson, Mitchell, Bailey, Losada, Smith, Carter, Sanchon, Ubogagu (1) subs used Sanderson, Yankey, Weir

So let’s see how many games he has given to each player:

Danielle Carter: 5(3)

Emma Mitchell: 5 (1)

Vicky Losada:  5 (1)

Alex Scott: 5

Jemma Rose: 5

Jordan Nobbs: 4 (1)

Natalia Sanchon: 4 (1)

Emma Byrne: 4

Leah Williamson:  3+1

Lianne Sanderson: 2+3 (1)

Carla Humphrey: 2 (2)

Kelly Smith: 2

Chioma Ubogagu: 1+3 (2)

Caroline Weir: 1+2

Jade Bailey: 1+2

Rachel Yankey: 1+1

Siobhan Chamberlain: 1

Evie Clarke: +1

Taome Oliver: +1

He has already used nineteen different players this early in the season.

There is an obvious core of eight players who have started four or five games and the rest are used in rotation or just as back-up for the youngsters.

We will see throughout the season if the trend carries on.