Arsenal have announced that they will install new floodlights at the Emirates.

The new LED lights will be installed by Musco Lighting, a company that specialises in sports lighting systems, who underwent a ‘comprehensive evaluation process’ prior to being awarded the contract.

The work, which will begin at the end of this season, will be completed in time for the 15/16 campaign

customOutdoorSpeaking about winning the contract, president of Musco World, Jeff Rogers, said “We are proud to have been selected by Arsenal Football Club to relight the iconic Emirates Stadium.

“The new, efficient LED system will help Arsenal FC offer a truly unique environment for the world’s top athletes.”

LP led newThe system, which is also used at Twickenham as well in a number of major venues in the States, will not only provide guaranteed light levels for the Emirates but will also help to cut operating costs, reduce light spill and can be retro-fitted to existing structures ensuring the work needed to replace the current lighting system will be kept to a minimum.