There are a few areas in our squad we can improve on at the end of the season.

With a few potentially heading out the door we’ll need to bolster the squad.

Even though Le Coq has been brilliant since he’s come in, we still need a defensive midfielder, maybe that French lad who plays for Southampton would be worth a go. Someone should mention him once in a while.

Although now the commonly-held view at Cannon Towers, to me it’s becoming more and more obvious that we also need a world class keeper.

Since David Ospina has come in, he has done a job, not a spectacular one, but he’s been decent enough. He doesn’t seem to ooze confidence and can still cause a minor heart attack once or twice a game.

Big Dave deserves another season at Arsenal but in my opinion, not as our number one. He would be a solid back-up and cup keeper.

We should, however, be looking to offload is Szczesny, a decent enough keeper who unfortunately thinks he’s better than he is.

At his age, we could still receive a decent transfer fee from him.

Yes, he’s still young for a goalkeeper but after being relegated to back-up keeper after another string of poor performances and lack of discipline in the shower (not like that…) it’s clear Arsene doesn’t have the faith or patience for him he once did.

It’s been a topic that really divides Arsenal fans at the moment with it probably being pretty close between whom people prefer.

For the rest of the season I believe we should stick with Big Dave but, as well as going hard for a defensive midfielder, we should go big for a goalkeeper in the summer.

One thing is certain – the goalkeeping debate between Arsenal fans will rumble on and on!