Laurent Koscielny believes Thierry Henry can replace Arsene Wenger…

…but not until he’s done some more ‘learning‘.

Speaking to Canal+, the Arsenal defender revealed that he feels the Arsenal legend could be the next manager when Wenger decides to retire or move upstairs but from his comments it is something that he appears to think shouldn’t happen just yet.

The centreback also revealed what we all already knew – that Henry is seen as a God at Arsenal.

Lolo said

“At Arsenal, he is God. With Arsène Wenger, he made the club grow.

“He deserves that statue. It is possible (for him to succeed Wenger) but at the moment Titi needs to learn still.

“He will surely do that with the youngsters.”

He was also full of praise for the manager as he added

“His love for football is the same, I think he is used to being criticised now. He gives us everything we need to succeed.”

Undoubtedly the best centreback at the club and one of the top defenders playing the game at the top level, Kos also admitted that he’s had to make some change to his own playing style after picking up a number of red cards and giving away penalties.

He added

“I am trying to contain myself more. I have received red cards and caused penalties previously.

“After that, I am a defender and so I am obliged to go and make contact. I am trying to be a little less nervous. The most important thing is that the team doesn’t suffer.

“People judge me on what I do on the pitch. It is up to me to have good performances.

“I might have disappointed on some occasions, but I have also had some very good games. One must not let the head drop.”

Currently on international duty with France, he also had some praise left over from his love-in to shower in Olivier GIoud’s direction.

“He is scoring an enormous amount of goals. He is in good form.

“People came down hard on him in that first leg against Monaco, but every player can have bad games. He is proving himself consistently now.”