Mesut Ozil has revealed that he has gained a full kilogram of muscle since he joined Arsenal.

The playmaker, who never gets mentioned in the press without his price tag, a special kind of naming process saved only for the Arsenal players some parts of the media have taken an irrational dislike to, has been working hard to build himself up in order to increase his strength due to the rigours of the Premier League.

Speaking to the German paper, express, Ozil said

” I have a kilo of muscle gained, because I go to the gym every day. After training, I’m also into cold water. I’m moving through. Since there are no more excuses.

“I am now the first is during training and the last to leave. This used to be the other way around.”

Whatever he’s been doing, it’s certainly working as Ozil continues to be one of Arsenal’s best performers since returning from the knee injury he picked up in October at Stamford Bridge.

No matter what he does, however, it won’t be good enough for some like Paul Scholes, who are clearly too idiotic to realise the grace and effectiveness the German has on the pitch without needing to run around maiming people to make an impact.