Thierry Henry would love nothing more than to manage Arsenal.

It’s a dream he has spoken about many times and with his return to the club to undertake coaching at Hale End as part of his badges, many people are getting a little carried away with themselves thinking he’s just a short time away from returning in a full-time capacity.

Henry has a message for all of those people – calm down!

Speaking on Canal+, the Arsenal legend spoke, once again, about his dream.

He said

“If I am in my dreams, I would say to myself that I would like to come back to Arsenal.

“But life doesn’t work like that. I know football, but will I be able to educate someone. I don’t know yet. I just want to learn how.

“I am preparing myself, that is it. After that, I don’t know if I will have the opportunity or not.

“I became an Arsenal fan and I truly love Arsenal so yes I would like to succeed Wenger but I am not there, so, calm yourselves down.”

He was also asked about his handball against Ireland, you know, the one that saw him treated as if he’d murdered someone even though many before and since have done much wore without apology.

Henry said about the incident which will now forever be linked to his name

“All those Irishmen, I was playing against them at the time. The only thing that I said was ‘yes, I handballed it, I am sorry.’

“Robbie Keane said to me ‘I have no problem with you’. I faced the press that night. I could have said ‘no, I am not going to talk to them’ but I went anyway.

“Yes I had a bad reflex. But when Lionel Messi scored against Espanyol with his hand, he dives onto it and everybody sees it. People then said ‘Extraordinary, genius Messi. He is becoming more and more like Maradona’ and for me, it was like I had killed somebody.”

Just at the start of his new journey, there is no guarantee that Henry will succeed as a manager.

But it’s hard to imagine Henry failing at anything, his own words explaining why

“I know what I know how to do and what I don’t know how to do.

“I have confidence in my abilities and my qualities. It is not arrogant, it is confident.”