Mesut Ozil apparently went clubbing on Saturday night.

I think we’re supposed to be horrified.

The playmaker, who missed Arsenal’s trip to Newcastle because of ‘illness,‘ was spotted in a nightclub in Berlin and since then many have been using that to remind us of how much he cost and how some Arsenal fans don’t think he’s worth the money.

I’ve yet to speak to one Arsenal fan that thinks he’s not worth the money.

Regardless, it’s unlikely that Ozil would have thought he could go out somewhere publicly and not get spotted and we all know that the number one rule when you pull a sickie is not to go anywhere that could happen.

When you’re a World Cup winner, this means most places, especially nightclubs.

In my opinion, the boss gave him the game off to allow him some extra time back in Germany.

We all know that Wenger never says when a player has been rested or dropped and they generally always catch some mystery illness.

The only story here is one for the Neil Ashtons of this world who want to convince us that Ozil is ‘nicking a living.’

He isn’t.

You are.