The English Football Association (FA) is actively pursuing Arsenal’s football sensation Chidozie Obi-Martin, hoping to convince the 15-year-old to represent England instead of Denmark.

Obi-Martin’s recent performance, scoring 10 goals in an U16 match for Arsenal, has significantly raised his profile, catching the FA’s attention.

10-goal Arsenal youngster set for international battle

FA aims to sway Arsenal’s Danish prodigy to England

The English Football Association (FA) is reportedly making efforts to persuade 15-year-old Danish football prodigy Chidozie Obi-Martin to switch his national allegiance from Denmark to England.

Obi-Martin, who recently scored an impressive 10 goals in an U16 match for Arsenal, has been a topic of interest in both Denmark and England.

Despite currently playing for the Danish U17 national team, Obi-Martin has previously represented both England and Denmark at the youth level.

This situation leaves him with the option to represent England in the future.

The FA’s interest in Obi-Martin has intensified, particularly after his remarkable performance in the 10-goal match against Liverpool.

The Daily Mail has reported on the FA’s intentions to entice Obi-Martin to change his national team allegiance. This move is in response to Obi-Martin’s growing prominence and potential as a young footballer.

The Danish Football Association (DBU) acknowledges that Obi-Martin is not bound to Denmark and could opt to play for England.

Jesper Mikkelsen, the U17 national coach for Denmark, confirmed earlier in November that players can change their national team once after playing the current round of matches.

This rule leaves the door open for Obi-Martin to potentially switch his national team allegiance to England in the future.