One of the good things about the league-based competition is that clubs are free to sign players who are not necessarily of the same nationality or from the same, domestic location of the league. And that is why, we get to see many clubs featuring footballers from various countries, all building up the multi-cultural and multi-skilled sport that football is. 

Women’s football is no exception. Arsenal Women FC now boasts its trio Aussie contingent, heading for the WSL, a league that hits records when it comes to female football in bookmakers in Australia and in Europe of course. 

The Australian contingent is one of a kind in Arsenal Women. Kyra Cooney-Cross, Steph Catley and Caitlin Foord are the three players coming from the other side of the world, the Australian continent. In fact the two had already been here and the third Australian footballer came to the club just before the club was about to kick off for the WSL. 

Caitlin Foord and Steph Catley have been with Arsenal for some time now. Both signed with the Gunners in previous seasons and have proven their value and their importance for the club’s performance. 

Catley signed with Arsenal in 2020 and she has turned out to be one of the best defenders of the club ever since she has delivered her role in the 2021-2022 season. The 29-year-old Australian player has been joining forces with the rest of the squad and has demonstrated an incredible competence on the field. 

Caitlin Foord has also been giving stunning performances with the shirt of Arsenal ever since she signed with the Gunners. She came from Sydney FC with a transfer in 2020. Foord is the kind of forward that every club wants in their squad and a footballer that everybody who likes to watch a good match, appreciates on the field. 

Both Caitlin Foord and Steph Catley have been one of the reasons why women’s football has seen a spike in viewership and attendance in Australia in the past few years. And in fact, they have also been a good reason for the spike in female football betting, which grows parallel to the other main interest of sports bettors when it comes to women’s games – cricket betting.  

Midfielder Kyra Cooney-Cross is the latest addition to the club and the one completing the famous Australian ‘trio’ in Arsenal. In fact she has just joined the Gunners and we are all waiting to see her unfold her talent and her incredible skills – those skills that we’ve seen taking her previous club down the road of glory! Cooney-Cross is coming from Hammarby in Sweden – where she spent almost one and a half season – where she drove them to their first trophy in the last 30 years or so. 

The three Aussies are definitely a valuable asset to Arsenal Women FC and if we keep on watching their campaign as we move further and deeper in the WSL, we will probably get to see why this is so. But they are not the only ones that are expected to drive success in the club’s performance. The entire club is made up from a squad that is highly capable and highly competent on the field and thereby highly likely to get on the top of the league and mark historic victories.