Arsenal’s unexpected exit from the Champions League qualifying round one was a jolt. As the team sets its sight on the Premier League title, many questions remain. How will the team regroup? How does this change the landscape for the management? Let’s dive in.

  • Arsenal’s unanticipated exit from the Champions League has realigned their season objectives.
  • Numerous factors, including team cohesion and the playing surface, contributed to the defeat against Paris FC.
  • Squad dynamics are under the microscope, with potential new signings and the looming Mary Earps transfer saga.

Arsenal’s unforeseen setback in the Champions League qualifying round 1 reinforces the sentiment that no match outcome can be taken lightly. Such an early exit will surely linger as a dark cloud over the team throughout the season.

Consequently, Arsenal’s priorities have shifted as it changes the way the club will manage things now.

The most coveted prize may is already gone, but the team now has its eyes set on wrestle the League title from Chelsea.

Retaining the Continental Cup, with Arsenal as the current holders, is another objective, as is winning the FA Women’s Cup.

Yet, as every Gunners’ fan would agree, these trophies don’t have the cachet as the WCL.

Analysing the defeat to Paris FC, multiple factors emerge:

  • Defensive lapses led to the second and third goals from Paris FC. However, in fairness, a Paris FC defender was equally at fault for two of Arsenal’s goals.
  • The 4G pitch presented challenges, but all teams grappled with this issue. After several inspections during training sessions, it’s evident that it wasn’t the ideal surface.
  • Team cohesion was noticeably absent. The late return of eight players, a mere nine days before the semi-final against Linkoping, didn’t help. Paris FC’s manager, Sandrine Soubeyrand, must be lauded for her tactics, which effectively countered Arsenal’s game plan.

There are whispers about the manager’s future, with some insinuating that his position is precarious following the Champions League debacle. Such notions are frankly absurd.

After crafting a squad precisely to his vision, removing him from the helm would be premature. The broader consensus is that season-end evaluations will hinge on the team’s performance in the League and domestic cups.

Players’ faith in the manager is paramount; the moment that wavers, it’s time for introspection.

On a brighter note, the round 1 finals witnessed a surge in attendance. Fans across teams, especially the Arsenal contingent, created a vibrant atmosphere. The unwavering support from Arsenal Sweden and the official Arsenal Women Supporters Club provided a big boost to the team’s morale.

Arsenal’s squad dynamics are also intriguing.

With 27 players, including four recuperating from injuries (Miedema, Williamson, Wienroither, and Goldie), the management is actively scouting for a right-back and a defensive midfielder.

Rumours hint at Elin Rubensson fitting this dual-role bill.

Any new signings will necessitate departures to adhere to the 25-player registration mandate.

The Mary Earps transfer saga is particularly intricate. Until United secures a replacement, Earps’ move remains in limbo.

Should she transfer, there would be three goalkeepers vying for one spot: Earps, Zinsberger and D’Angelo.

Considering Earps would not come to Arsenal to sit on the bench, it means our two current goalies know they would have a fight in their hand to try to wrestle the shirt away from Earps.

This can be unsettling even though professional players know competition for a place is normal and healthy at any big club.

Therefore Arsenal would probably have to move one of the two keepers to another club, adding another layer of complexity with most transfer windows closing or already closed.

The League starts on October 1, so Arsenal are participating in a training camp in Germany at Adidas HQ and will take advantage of the week over there to build relationships with the new players as they learn to play together.

There will be a friendly against Chelsea and then the Nations League will start before the players return for the league opener at the Emirates Stadium.