Folarin has scored an impressive 18 goals with Stade de Reims across 29 games (three as a sub) in Ligue 1 this season. This is more than Lionel Messi and Neymar (both 13), putting the player ahead of Kylian Mbappe as Ligue 1’s top goal scorer.

Across 29 games, the player has, according to Info Goal, amassed 2,264 minutes on the pitch, made 76 shots, 36 of which were on target, and 23 offsides.

Other noteworthy stats include Folarins’ team-player attitude, with 348 passes, 246 of which were completed. Plus, six successful tackles.

Additionally, the estimated goal-scoring stats on the Info Goal for Folarin were 13.6, which the player exceeded.

Balogun has just a few games left with Reims before returning to Arsenal this summer, when the 21-year-old striker will have just two years left on his contract. At which point, discussions about his future with Arsenal will be underway.

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Folarin and Arsenal

Folarin, who joined the Arsenal academy at 8, noted for producing young first-team superstars, such as Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe, and Eddie Nketiah, is described by Arteta as ambitious, committed, and brave.

Due to Baloguns’ rare talent, Arsenal gave the player a lengthy contract. And while the player was out on loan to other teams, he proved, at a young age, he had a promising future.

Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta has expressed talks with the striker are pending to discuss his future with the club. However, it remains uncertain whether the player will stay with the team, the whys of which are divulged below.

Arsenal’s Current Attack

Whether Folarin has a future at Emirates relies on a few factors, including the position and future of Arsenal’s current strikers.

For instance, Arsenal F.C. signed a few promising players, academy graduate Eddie Nketiah, and Gabriel Jesus, who has led the line this season.

Gabriel scored five goals and six assists across 14 games before his injury at the world cup. Then Nketiah stepped in, played six Premier League games, and scored four goals.

Arsenals’ attack is well stocked, with both players contracted to play with the team until 2027. So, is there space for the Balogun to play? It’s unlikely.

Folacin’s Shares his View on Arsenal

Folarin chatted with L’Equipe early on in the season and shared his thoughts about Arsenal F.C. and what he can bring to the team.

“Arsenal is my family. For me, the club represents brotherhood and unity.”

Here, Folarin talks favourably about Arsenal, which suggests that, given the option, he would stay with the club.

He explains how much he has improved and how this will benefit the squad.

“I think by the time I return, I’ll be in a better place to compete than before I left. I realized there were certain things I would struggle with, but that’s a good thing.”

What are Folarins’ Options?

Folarin’s next chapter is pending, yet promising for the player as multiple teams consider the player a potential sign-up. Plus, upcoming matches will only solidify his popularity as a desirable striker.

But for Arsenal, with Gabriel as their first choice as a centre forward and Eddie onside as a backup, it’s unlikely, despite Arteta’s enthusiasm to discuss Folarin’s future with the club, whether there’s room for Balogun to start XI next season.

In other news, Reims President strongly believes following an outstanding season with the French team, Folarin will transfer to a “very big club”. Yet, he hopes the player will remain on loan so that he can spend another season in the French team.

But, despite Jean-Pierre Caillot’s admiration for the player, due to the clubs’ finances and current recruitment model, they won’t sign Folarin.

However, even on loan to the team, Caillot said Reims still offers a significant step in the footballers’ career.

Caillot went on to explain Folarin’s options;

“Either Folarin will return to his club to have his chance; he’s loaned out or transferred to a very big club”.

In terms of big clubs, Newcastle, AC Milan, Inter, Villarreal, and Marseille have all expressed interest in the young footballer. And Arsenal has attached a 35 million price tag to the striker, demonstrating his value to the team and aspiring buyers.

So, should the gunners sell the striker, they’ll have a generous amount to reinvest in the squad. And this is likely needed as Arsenal has reportedly set their sights on signing Declan Rice from West Ham for around 80 mil next season. This is another sign that Folarin’s future may not be with the club.

But with so many great clubs showing interest in Folarin, he will be taken care of either way.