January signing Sabrina D’Angelo made the perfect start to her Arsenal career on Thursday night, keeping a clean sheet in our dominant 3-0 victory over Aston Villa in the quarter-final of the Conti Cup.

Sabrina D'Angelo via Arsenal.com
Sabrina D’Angelo via Arsenal.com

The Canada international may have only joined us on January 13, but before she’d even kicked a ball or saved her first shot, our supporters were singing her name to the tune of ‘Tequila’.

The press spoke to D’Angelo after the game, and she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to make her debut, saying “I was very grateful to be out there and obviously getting the win and shout out is amazing. It was a great team effort and there were some really nice goals, so happy days!”

She also praised her teammates for their impressive performance, specifically mentioning Frida Maanum and Caitlin Foord, who both scored during the game. D’Angelo said “Frida’s goals were top class and then Caitlin just sealed it. They were such nice goals, it was awesome.”

On how it felt to represent Arsenal for the first time, D’Angelo said “Oh gosh, after the warm-up and as I was coming in to get changed I was getting a little bit emotional because they’d announced my name and the fans were cheering. I’m just so happy to be here and to contribute in any way I can. Obviously getting my debut was a good first step, so it was a little emotional.”

She also talked about the fans chanting her name to the tune of ‘tequila’, saying “Yes, I heard the little chant going on behind me and I’m not good at holding a poker face, so I was laughing, of course!” And added, “The support was amazing and it helps a lot when you have fans like that.”

D’Angelo also discussed her role in the team, stating “I think my communication is one of my strong suits and my anchor in the game.

“I’m happy I’m able to contribute that to the team.”

With her impressive debut, D’Angelo has shown that she will be a valuable addition to the team as they continue to push forward in the Conti Cup and in the league.