Premier League which is also known under the name of English Premier League is the highest level of the football system which consists of 20 clubs.

Founded in 1992, it is considered to be the most-watched and most-visited sports event in the world. The adrenalin of the game unites thousands of people who are in love with football. This also makes the game one of the most attractive variants for betting.

Football betting might sound like a cup of tea, especially speaking about England. As it turns out, there are many things that have to be taken into account once you’ve decided to place a bet on this game. In this article we offer Premier League betting tips for those who are not sure how to do it right. Pay attention to the ideas, because this activity is not a game of chance-it requires scrupulous attention to details, good analytical skills and a sharp mind.

premier league bettingFocus on Manchester City for Stability

The first of the betting tips is the most obvious one. These guys have just won their sixth title in 10 years. This allows us to say that it is one of the most stable teams in England. So, odds betting on Manchester City may be a really great idea. Mind that there are certain teams that often create ManCity significant problems. In this case, we can mention their main rival in recent years, namely Liverpool. Also, such teams as Wolverhampton and, surprisingly, Norwich City, often create problems for the citizens. But, keep in mind that your cash wins are often low in such cases.

According to the professional bettors this team and its style have influenced the creation of lots of games in online casinos, especially football themed slots. A great example of those based on Manchester United can be seen on Zodiac casino platform where you can also get Zodiac casino 80 free spins and practice your gambling skills before the next match starts. Also, you can read the reviews from the professional players and find other useful tips on gambling and betting.

No Trust to “Survival” Games

Almost any betting guide will tell you that you shouldn’t blindly trust the predictions from the so-called “experts.” The tip is that you should definitely avoid such things when it comes to the matches between the outsiders. In this league, even the team that goes in the 20th place may have world-class stars in their lineup. So, the matches between EPL outsiders often prove to be extremely unpredictable. So, if you want to bet on Burnley against, for example, Leeds United, beware. We recommend you search for another match for your bet.

Search for the High-scoring Games

The Premier League is known as one of the most high-scoring soccer tournaments. However, the odds for the matches with a total score over 2.5 or 3.5 may be really high. Focus on the picks in which the most productive teams are involved. After all, dramatic plays, such as the legendary Arsenal – Newcastle draw in 2011 (4-4) or Liverpool’s victory over Man City in 2018 (4-3), or even the day when Manchester United destroyed Southampton in 2021 (9-0) can bring you great prizes.

Prepare for Sensational Results

Sometimes, sensational results make you lose significant amounts of money in situations that seem to be safe. Imagine placing a bet on a victory of Tottenham Hotspur in its legendary attempt to defeat Manchester United in the 2001/2002 season. For example, you have made such a bet when the numbers on the score table were 1-0 in favor of the Spurs. By the end of the first half, the Red Devils were down 0-3. Any result except for your win seems sensational. However, the club from Manchester manages to complete a sensational comeback and win with 5 goals against 3. And the history of the Premier League is filled with such or similar examples.

For example, you may face ManCity suffering a bitter defeat from Norwich or watch how Aston Villa crashes Liverpool with 7 goals against 2. These are the results that no tipsters can predict. It is all about this legendary British competitive spirit that makes the Premier League so attractive to the audience. Underdogs are always ready to bite the strongest rivals from the Champions League or European League table standings. And the greatest example of a sensational result in the Premier League season is the legendary victory of Leicester City. A humble club with a long history of struggles in the Championship managed to defeat some of the planet’s greatest players to become the legends of English football.

Say “no” to Conspiracy Theories

The sports betting industry always goes with various conspiracy theories. A specific “credible source” may tell you about fixed results during the events in which West Ham, Chelsea, Everton, or any other British club is involved. As an argument, such “experts” emphasize gambling sponsorship in football and say that some athletes cooperate with sportsbooks. There are people who trust such tips and bet according to these predictions. The truth is that the Premier League is a very transparent organization with an excellent reputation. Even if some results seem suspicious to you, there’s no chance that they have been predetermined. If any Premier League event had been predetermined, this would lead to huge scandals ruining the entire season.

premier league betting2Bet Responsibly

It is one of the basic tips that apply to all cases of placing a bet. Even if you find events that seem your perfect league betting picks, don’t put a significant amount of money at stake. As we have already mentioned, the Premier League can be very unpredictable. And there are many threats of losing all your cash with a single reckless attempt to raise more. So, be very responsible and attentive to detail. Thoroughly research the lineups and all the most relevant information on the motivation of the best athletes. Only the most careful gamblers win Premier League odds betting.


The Premier League is an amazing tournament that can bring sportsbook enthusiasts significant prizes. But you should definitely follow our Premier League betting tips if you want to become successful. Betting on stable clubs, focusing on high-scoring events, the anticipation of sensations, a calm approach to conspiracy theories, and a reasonable approach to your budget are the basic tips that will help you become successful in the Premier League. There may be many more vital tips on Premier League betting, and you can easily expand this list with your own picks. It is all about your knowledge and experience.