Sponsorships are common and even necessary for professional football clubs to ensure they can continue to operate.

Generally, these clubs align with different companies and brands to form a partnership favouring their team, the brand itself, and society.

They often tackle awareness for societal issues, but they put these brands in front of you. You would learn about learn before the end of a season.

In this article, you will learn whether Arsenal have any gambling sponsorships and what they entail for the English Premier League team.

arsenal gambling sponsorshipsWhy Do Football Clubs Sign Sponsorships?

Football clubs like Arsenal have sponsorships because they require funding for their different activities, and these sponsorships are a great way to secure those funds. They use this money to fund training grounds, camps, and other things like transportation and team management.

Companies generally get brand promotion in return for their sponsorships and put their product in front of a large audience, either by branding their logo onto the team’s kit or advertising it in the stadium during their home games.

There is some speculation and dispute regarding Arsenal gambling sponsorships, and fans, especially parents, worry that they would encourage reckless gambling. This concern for the “gamblification” of football has been raised multiple times, especially because of the shirt gambling sponsorships close to half of the 20 teams in the EPL have with gambling operators. The good thing is that the few companies Arsenal have any gambling sponsorships with are big on responsible gambling to ensure there is no issue of addiction.

Several gambling companies have sponsored Arsenal in the past, and these sponsorships have generally been fruitful, benefiting both parties. So, does Arsenal have any gambling sponsorships right now? Let’s find out.


arsenal gambling sponsorships2Arsenal has a history of signing with different reputable gaming firms. Like the partnership they announced with BetConstruct in 2016. The major developer and provider of game technology solutions for the online and land-based betting industries utilized this opportunity properly, pushing their brand as well as they could into the market that is the Arsenal fan base.

The relationship between the two flourished so well, and it must have been very favourable for the growth of the platform. Because in 2018, one of BetConstruct’s operators, VBet signed up to become the club’s official betting and gaming sponsor.

This is one gambling company that Arsenal have any gambling sponsorships with. The sponsor, VBET is a leading B2C betting brand that has been in existence since 2003. They offer online betting odds on the most popular games both online and offline. Its services span over 70 clients in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Arsenal has a 3-year deal that runs till sometime this year (2022), and there is no sure way of knowing whether there would be a new deal to further build upon the relationship between the two.

We do not know the exact amount VBet put into this deal with the Tier 1 EPL club. We are certain it must have been a healthy sum. Due to the deal, the distinctive VBet logo is displayed to Arsenal’s home stadiums and digital platforms.

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arsenal gambling sponsorships23In a more recent deal in 2020 with the 13-time title-winning EPL team Arsenal FC, Sportsbet signed on to become an official betting partner sponsoring the club. This major three-season deal with Arsenal has sponsored the team’s operations.

Sportsbet is the leading cryptocurrency sports bookmaker. It was established in 2016 under the Coin Gaming Group. To reshape the online gambling industry using a combination of innovative technology and cryptocurrency offerings. And to provide a pleasant gaming experience to its users. The partnership focuses on creating exclusive promotions and gaming experiences to reward both the sponsor’s clients and fans of The Gunners’.

There is also focus on harnessing the status of Arsenal’s women football team. It is the most followed female football team in the world. The partnership includes increasing awareness and reach of women’s football in Estonia, where Sportsbet is based, by delivering football clinics organized by Arsenal coaches to the U19 women’s in Estonia. The goal is to nurture the next generation of talent and help them unlock their fullest potential.

Sportsbet is very reputable and has managed to score other sponsorships in the EPL. Including a front-shirt gambling sponsorship for the 2020/2021 season with Southampton FC and a principal sponsorship with Watford FC.

The operator is the first and the leading crypto sportsbook in providing comprehensive in-play content with up to 350,000 yearly prematch events for esports like eNBA tournaments and Counter-Strike – Global Offensive. You can also bet on regular titles, like basketball and casino games like slots and roulette on the platform. Players who use this platform are guaranteed safety, security, and multiple payment options with a fast processing time of about 1.5 minutes.


To answer the question, yes, Arsenal has gaming sponsorships. From the few gambling sponsors they have had in the past, we can tell that Arsenal is careful about whom they partner with. They also consider how these collaborations can affect the team and their fans, who they indirectly influence using the brands’ products.

Even with this in mind, we encourage you to properly research every company before you purchase from them. Supporting an Arsenal team is not reason enough and does not always mean that they are legitimate.

Although Arsenal’s shirt sponsorship deal is tied with Emirate Airlines, they can still get other forms of sponsorships from gambling companies. For now, we do not know if the club plans to add another gambling company to its list of official sponsors. But with the deal with Sportsbet ending next year, we just might get some news on new sponsorships soon.