Mikel Arteta will always be well-respect amongst the Arsenal fans.

Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere
Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere

Throughout his time at the club as a player, he was praised several times, whether it was for his super performances, assists or goals. In 2011, Arteta joined Arsenal for a 12 million euro fee. Before joining Arsenal, he was first playing with Everton from 2005 till 2011. Once he transferred to Arsenal, he spent the rest of his career at the club, retiring in 2016. Despite doubts about his fitness, he proved to the fans that he was a great signing and an honourable one too. So what are his most memorable moments? In this piece, we are going to list the top 5 moments that we believe are Arteta’s best while he was an Arsenal player.

Lifting the FA Cup in 2014

The FA Cup has been around since the 1871-72 season. Therefore it’s one of the most honourable competitions in England. If we think about it, these types of competitions are the reason football has come such a long way. But it’s not always just about football. From a simple game, nowadays, a big part of the sport is the community and inspiration it brings to the world. From inspiring several people to follow their dreams in the sport, the passion of millions of fans watching the matches week-in week-out, all the way to the football discussions people have online. The football community is so big that it wouldn’t even come as a surprise if we see players having discussions on the sport on the Platin live casino chat section or other random chat sections. Yes, the community is that big, and the FA Cup is one of the many competitions that’s responsible for this.

The FA Cup brings several emotions to all sorts of people, whether you’re a top division player, an ordinary football fan or a lower league player fighting to make it till the top, the competition gives a chance for everyone to believe, and fight all the way till the final game. That’s why so many people love the competition so much. The FA Cup is the oldest national football competition in English football, and lifting the trophy in 2014 was a moment of great joy for Arteta and Arsenal. In the 2014 FA Cup final game vs Hull City, Arsenal won 3-2, with Santi Carzola, Koscielny and Ramsey each scoring a goal for the Gunners. It was a super achievement for the players, manager, and fans, after struggling to find success for many years, and what a moment for Arteta to lift the cup and write his name in the Arsenal history books. The FA cup will always be an honourable trophy to win, and what a way to win it as captain!

The first time he captained Arsenal.

One of Arteta’s most spectacular and memorable moments for Arsenal was when he captained Arsenal for the first time. This took place on January 9 2012, when Arsenal defeated Leeds United in the FA Cup third round. Playing in the midfield, as usual, this game was significant to Arteta for two reasons: first, it was Thierry Henry’s second Arsenal debut, and secondly, it was Arteta’s first time captaining the Gunners. Fortunately, Arsenal won the game 1-0, with the legendary Thierry Henry scoring in the 78th minute. Talk about rolling back the years!

Winning the FA Community Shield in 2014 & 2015

Arteta’s two Community Shield titles in 2014 and 2015 are undoubtedly two of his best moments as an Arsenal player. Arteta captained Arsenal in the 3-0 Community Shield win vs Manchester City in 2014. The 2014 Community Shield was probably one of his proudest moments as an Arsenal player as he led them to victory. Arsenal also won the following 2015 Community Shield the year after. The game ended 1-0 for Arsenal vs a strong Chelsea side, and Arteta came on in the 77th minute to help the side once more during the final minutes of the game. This was his second Community Shield with the club.

When he first joined Arsenal.

Another one of Arteta’s best moments is when he joined Arsenal in 2011. They signed him from Everton for a transfer fee of around 12 million euros – a significant amount at the time. He was brought on board to replace Cesc Fabregas, who left to sign for Barcelona after eight years with Arsenal. The club needed someone else to lead them in the midfield, and they went with Arteta.

His last goal with the club

In his final game for the Gunners, Arteta came off the bench against Aston Villa and forced Mark Bunn to an own goal, as his shot hit the crossbar to hit Bunn and end up at the back of the net. We’re still counting this as Arteta’s goal, and what a way to end his Arsenal career. At the end of the game, Arteta received a standing ovation, and this was also his final game as a professional football player.


Overall, Arteta’s contributions as a player helped Arsenal win several trophies. He was a true leader to the side, and above all was a gentleman, qualities we still see in him till this day as Arsenals manager.