Statistics show that bettors spend more time and money than casino players, but online gambling may change the trend. The overlap between active bettors and Arsenal fans is not marginal.

However, betting, like any form of gambling, can push participants towards problem play.

Arsenal punters should know if sports betting exposes them to the same detrimental effects as a standard casino experience.

The British Gambling Market

The most recent numbers from the UKGC show that the industry gross yield amounts to £14.119 million. Casinos, both remote and physical, make up about 29.7%, not including the 11.3% represented by bingo. In contrast, all betting activities constitute around 33.6% of the industry yield. The rest of 28.5% is represented by lotteries, including the National Lottery.

Given the most recent official statistics, sport punting is thus on par with or more significant than casino activities.

The Number of Problem Gamblers

The same source states that approximately 0.5% of Britain’s gamblers face problem gaming. The main at-risk population is represented by 16- to 24-year-old males. The moderate risk players constitute around 0.7% of the statistics’ respondents.

Unfortunately, the UK Gambling Commission’s research does not break up their results based on betting and other wagering activities.

Sports Betting and Casino Gambling Frequency

The frequency of participation can denote the risk represented by a staking activity. Here, the numbers are damming for Arsenal punters.

gambling22.2% of sports bettors participate in the activity two or more times a week. Their number is marginally higher than the 20.4% of casino players that engage in casino play with similar frequency. However, only 26.2% of bettors admit to participating once a week, while 28.4% of other gamblers do so.

Punters Could Be More at Risk

We can arrive at this conclusion, given the higher frequency of participation among sports bettors and the larger monetary yield brought in by the betting sector. Arsenal fans should note that the profits of gambling enterprises almost entirely represent the total losses of gamblers.

This conclusion should be enough to advise our readers to familiarise themselves with responsible play behaviours and organisations, as well as  learn how to use GAMSTOP. Self-exclusion remains the most effective approach to combating addiction, and iGaming experts will agree that GAMSTOP is the most effective and comprehensive tool of the kind.

Is It a Betting Versus Casino Gambling Issue?

Punting could probably be more widely used and prove more detrimental to British participants. However, the differences between it and casino wagering may not be high enough.

Betting brings in a total of £5053 million while casino activities amount to £5034 million. When adding the £764 million resulting from bingo, non-betting activities exceed the gross yield from punting.

Additionally, a 2.2% difference in the number of frequent participants does not amount to a pertinent differentiating factor. We could consider the small and possibly irrelevant discrepancies as why the UKGC does not separate its problem play statistics based on the activity.

The Real Difference: Online Versus Offline Play

The extended accessibility of remote gambling facilities changed both the face of the British industry and customer behaviours.

While sports betting is divided in half between on-land and online environments, remote casino sites far exceed brick-and-mortar casinos. More so, the income from remote gambling sites is almost double that of online sports betting.

Online Gambling is Faster and More Accessible

The trend of remote casinos towards accessibility is highlighted by the British gamblers’ preference for playing on mobile phones. While being more agreeable, remote and especially, mobile gambling comes with certain risks.

Enhanced accessibility can promote a higher frequency of interaction, as well as a larger spent bankroll. The activity of punters still depends on the developments of real-life sports events. As such, users may curve their compulsive repetition of betting.

However, the games featured in online casinos have an instant outcome. As such, they may facilitate the occurrence of extended and continuous spending sessions.

Remote casino implementations could change the trends in the future and generate a relevant discrepancy between sports betting and casino play.

The Push for ‘Single Customer View’

Further so, following the UKGC’s recent push to create a ‘single customer view’, iGaming services  need to restrict british gamblers to holding only one account.

This decision has clear effects on a punter’s activities, as excessive betting can result from a desire to place stakes at bookies with varying odds.

However, activities like slots would not reflect similar limitations, with only promotional eligibility being curbed.

Responsible Gambling Remains Key

No matter the future evolutions of the British iGaming market, any form of real money wagering can result in problem play and addiction.

Abusive Gambling Spares No One

We can only recall Bendtner, David Bentley, or Paul Merson of Arsenal fame, all players who struggled with gambling problems, despite their high profiles and payrolls. As Dominic Matteo declared, one of Scotland’s former pros who also managed to damage his finances with sports betting, online gambling is a great facilitator and, as such, can cause grave issues.

How Arsenal and Football Clubs Enter the Picture

And football is a big part of the sports betting market. About 46,1% of British punters’ losses originate directly from bets placed on football matches. The percentage translates to over £1219 million.

More so, Arsenal, as a team and business, needs to share the weight and bear the brunt of problem betting. The club has recently landed a deal with, a service that also offers cryptocurrency payments.

The practice is still problematic within the gambling context due to its recency and the lack of related data.

The Industry’s and Your Responsibility

Citing Paul Merson’s recent interview, “gambling is a horrible addiction.” Luckily, we add, it is one that can be cured and curbed if the iGaming businesses devote their attention to it and customers stay informed.

Keeping the British iGaming customer base knowledgeable and providing tools and outreach programs should remain an ongoing objective of industry agents.

If you are an Arsenal fan and wish to bet on your team, you are free to do so. However, it will be in your interest to proceed responsibly. If your sports betting already is out of control, proceed to sign up with GAMSTOP immediately. We cannot stress it enough. There is no better safe gambling tool in the UK.