Miguel Molina insists that Arsenal must maintain the identity that Arsene Wenger helped to create, even if that’s with some adjustments.

Miguel Molina at the Ibrox Stadium with Arsenal in pre-season (Photo via Molina on Twitter)
Miguel Molina at the Ibrox Stadium with Arsenal in pre-season (Photo via Molina on Twitter)

Miguel Molina has been working alongside Mikel Arteta at Arsenal since August 2020, acting as one of the manager’s assistant coaches.

The 28-year-old believes their task at Arsenal is to maintain and build on the identity that Arsene Wenger formed at the club during his long spell as manager in North London.

“Wenger helped create an identity and a style at the club,” Molina said in El Mundo. “In the end, the idea is to give continuity to that identity, to adjust those things that were not now in the best way within the club.

“But that identity that Wenger helped create is something that must always be maintained.”

As for his relationship with current boss Arteta, Molina only has positive things to say about the manager.

“He makes you grow a lot,” Molina explained. “He is a person who makes the rest better just because of how he is. He shares, loves to debate and demands a lot from everyone. Above all, of himself.”

Arsenal are obviously still going through a bit of a transitional period.

There are moments where you can see what Molina, Arteta, and the rest are trying to achieve – such as in the early stages of the wins over Spurs, Aston Villa, and Leicester City. But arguably, they’re yet to find consistency in the performances.

In each of the above wins, Arsenal dropped off and allowed the opposition chances in the second half. We saw how they could be punished for that in the draw with Crystal Palace, where they squandered an early lead and almost slipped to defeat.

Still, it’s at least a bit easier to see what the plan is than it was even a few months ago. We can only hope the team eventually achieve Molina’s goal and bring forth a modern take on Wenger’s Arsenal.