Arsenal youth defender Josh Robinson made his debut to help Ryan Garry to his first win with the England u18s on Monday.

Josh Robinson (12) with the England u18s (Photo via England Football)
Josh Robinson (12) with the England u18s (Photo via England Football)

16-year-old Josh Robinson has been breaking into the Arsenal u18s this year, making eight appearances since March, and his progress was rewarded with an England u18 debut in a win for the side on Monday.

Former Arsenal u23 assistant coach Ryan Garry recently made the switch to the England u18 head coach job, and he was looking for his side’s first win after they lost 2-1 to Norway earlier in the break.

Robinson was handed his debut against Russia to try and help achieve that goal, and the defender will be pleased the u18s managed to keep a clean sheet in a 3-0 win.

Given his age, Robinson still has plenty of time to establish himself in the England and Arsenal u18s, but he’s making strong progress at the moment. He’ll now return to Arsenal, who face Leicester City u18s on Saturday at 11:30 BST.

Robinson can play right-back, and that was where he started pre-season with the Arsenal u18s. But he moved to centre-back as the team shifted formation to a back-three. We’ll see where he ends up settling.