Boyhood Arsenal fan Serge Aurier claims he never saw himself joining the Gunners, because he has too much respect for Spurs.

Serge Aurier
Serge Aurier

After his release by Tottenham Hotspur at the end of the summer, Serge Aurier was briefly linked with Arsenal.

The move never seemed particularly likely, with the Gunners having plenty of right-backs already. But you can understand why boyhood Arsenal fan Aurier might have got his people to put the feelers out for a potential move.

Sadly for him, Arsenal were happy to stick with their September Player of the Month Takehiro Tomiyasu. Aurier ended up joining Villarreal instead.

The right-back now claims he wasn’t considering a move to another English club, and implies he wouldn’t betray Spurs fans by joining Arsenal.

“I have never seen myself at another club in England if not at your place,” Aurier wrote. “And I didn’t see myself joining the enemy even less because I have too much respect for our club, for our history, and for all our moments shared together.”

Aurier can claim what he wants, but we all know he only joined Spurs in the first place after Arsenal decided not to move for him.

The defender even told fans he was going to Arsenal back in 2014, but he ended up with PSG instead. The Gunners were clearly just never quite as keen to bring him in.