Arsenal’s talks with Sheffield United for Aaron Ramsdale have hit an impasse over a considerable gap in valuations between the two clubs.

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Middlesbrough, England, 6th June 2021. Aaron Ramsdale of England warms up during the International Friendly match at the Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough. Picture: Darren Staples / Sportimage

Football.London report that Arsenal will continue their search for a goalkeeper in the summer transfer window, but talks with Sheffield United over Aaron Ramsdale have reached an impasse.

Ramsdale’s current club value him at £30m, which is reportedly considerably far from Arsenal’s valuation of the player.

The Telegraph have also put out a report along similar lines, claiming Arsenal are not prepared to pay £30m for Ramsdale. However, they do add that the Gunners could consider a structured deal later in the window.

For the sake of balance, it’s worth mentioning that The Guardian put out a very different report on Thursday. Though they agree that the asking price is £30m, they suggest Arsenal will come back with a “third and likely final” offer for Ramsdale.

Whichever source you believe, the suggestion in all three cases is that a deal for Ramsdale is on a knife-edge right now. It’s certainly not close to going through, and it seems very likely Arsenal aren’t going to pay what Sheffield United are asking for.

So whether the deal happens or not will depend on whether the relegated side end up compromising to let Ramsdale leave and at least bring in some money for him, or whether they hold firm to keep him around for their promotion push.