Albert Sambi Lokonga has been speaking about his new teammates, including the player he’s most excited about playing with.

Albert Sambi Lokonga via Arsenal
Albert Sambi Lokonga via Arsenal

Arsenal finally announced Albert Sambi Lokonga as an Arsenal player last week and the 21-year-old midfielder got his first minutes in an Arsenal shirt when he came on as a sub in Arsenal’s pre-season behind-closed doors win over Millwall at the weekend.

In an interview with as the squad prepare to face Chelsea this weekend, Sambi Lokonga was asked about his new Arsenal teammates, who he is excited to play with and what players he models himself on, if any.

“I think Pepe [is the one I am most excited to link up with],” Sambi told Arsenal Media. “But I’m also looking forward to playing with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Saka also, so yeah, I hope to have a connection with all the players and quickly.

“I never wanted to be like a [particular] player, I always wanted to be Sambi, so I took a little bit of all the players I used to watch,” he added. “I never said to myself that you need to be like this player, I always wanted to be Sambi and to do Sambi on the pitch.

“If I had to tell you some players, I will say Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Modric, yeah, all the top players, Marco Veratti as well. All the top players.”

Shortly after Sambi Lokonga was announced, Stephen Bradley turned his tactical eye to the Belgian to discuss where he fits in at Arsenal, how he differs from The Gunners’ other midfielders from last season, and what he brings, that Arsenal have been missing for years.

You can watch that in the video below: