It’s that time of the year – a big summer international competition! Euro 2020, as we all know, was postponed to 2021 and even though I basically had an extra year to design a Euro 2020 printable wallchart, it still snuck up on me!

euro2020 wallchart printables
euro2020 wallchart printables

It’s tough to know how exciting Euro 2020 will be as the players are surely dead tired after a long season and several games per week – but I’m still excited. And, of course, I made the usual Euro 2020 printable wallcharts to note down all the results, justifying my obsession with watching every match.

As always, the Euro 2020 printable wallcharts are completely free (although you can definitely go and buy some stuff from our shop if you like, wink, wink). You just need to print them out. The Euro 2020 printable wallcharts are created to print at A3 size but look good in A4 as well. I suggest printing them on thicker paper.

This time around, I stuck with official Euro colours and made two versions – classic blue and funkier purple. Each colour comes in two different variations, with kick-off times in CET and GMT, so download whichever works for you.

We’d appreciate social shares if you like these! Oh and I would appreciate you ignoring minor mistakes if there are any, there are A LOT of numbers!


UPDATE – filled in wallchart after the group phase with all the results and schedule for the Round of 16!

euro2020 fixtures updated


Euro 2020 printable wallchart – Blue GMT

euro2020 fixtures GMT

Euro 2020 printable wallchart – Blue CET

euro2020 fixtures CET

Euro 2020 printable wallchart – Purple GMT

euro2020 fixtures puprle gmt

Euro 2020 printable wallchart – Purple CET

euro2020 fixtures purple cet