The Super League fell apart on Tuesday night as Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool withdrew while there was a resignation at United and players started to speak out, including Hector Bellerin.

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protest against european super league
protest against European Super League

Less than 48 hours after it was announced, the Super League changed to a straight knock-out competition as teams started to realise the error of their ways

Chelsea and Manchester City were the reported to be the first to decide they weren’t going to bother because everybody on the planet, except the 12 owners, all hate the idea but it was Manchester City then Arsenal who issued official statements first. Liverpool were the third to follow.

Arsenal’s came after more concrete sources had started tweeting about it and around an hour-and-a-half after City’s.

Arsenal also issued a grovelling open letter to fans.

We got our first official club statement at 9.23pm from Manchester City that said, “Manchester City Football Club can confirm that it has formally enacted the procedures to withdraw from the group developing plans for a European Super League.”

Liverpool released their statement at the same time as Arsenal:

Spurs also released their statement and Arsenal were the only side to say ‘sorry’:

The move to breakaway and form a new Super League was met with universal condemnation with even governments getting involved, although quite how many of their suggestions would have held up in court we will never know. principles of sporting merit.

Arsene Wenger has said he knew the Super League would fail because they ignored the ‘basic principles of sporting merit’.

“I’m not surprised it didn’t last long,” Arsene Wenger told beIN as news continued to break that the Super League was collapsing, forcing resignations at the offending clubs.

“I never believed from the start it would happen. It ignored the basic principles of sporting merit. If you ignore that you kill the domestic leagues, so fans would never accept that. Rightly so.”

Amazon confirmed that they had not been involved in any talks:

And one of Liverpool’s partner’s got in on the act:

Then players started to speak:

Other Super League updates and funniest tweets:

Manchester United were the reportedly the third English side to withdraw although they have not confirmed at the time of writing:

Ed Woodward also resigned

Arsene Wenger on the Super League collapse: “I’m not surprised it didn’t last long. I never believed from the start it would happen. It ignored the basic

Meanwhile, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang returned to Twitter, probably before his meds wore off:

Auba's tweet that he has since deleted
Auba’s tweet that he has since deleted

He has since deleted his entire Twitter account.