Troy Deeney had another dig at Arsenal in a desperate bid to be relevant while proving he doesn’t even understand how numbers work.

troy deeney miror 1
Daily Mirror 28 July 2020

Since Watford were relegated, we haven’t had to listen to anyone talking about Troy Deeney’s cajones but, for no reason whatsoever, the S*n had him spouting off about Arsenal this weekend.

Not only that, they seem to have given the 32-year-old his own column, although I doubt he even knows how to turn a PC on.

He certainly doesn’t know how to look up stats.

When it comes to repeating tired narratives that aren’t even true, however, the forward has that nailed.

“You will probably remember a few years ago that I accused Arsenal players of lacking ‘cojones’ after a defeat at Watford,” Deeney ‘wrote’, reliving the only time he was truly relevant.

“Yet that was a comment made after a specific match and however low Mikel Arteta’s side are in the Premier League table, that is not an accusation I would level at them now,” he continued.

“They remain something of a soft touch — but a different sort of soft touch.

“Not a team you can physically intimidate but a team who will always give you a chance.”

That’s not being a ‘soft touch,’ that just makes you bad at football.

Anyway, he continues…

“They [Burnley] will look to exploit Arsenal’s weaknesses from set-pieces and they will look to hit them on the break, too,” Deeney said about an Arsenal side that hasn’t conceded a single goal from a set-piece this season, unlike Burnley who’ve conceded three.

I don’t know how much The S*n pay Deeney to put his name on this drivel, but the least you might expect for your money is that whoever is writing it might look up some simple stats.

Then again, when have The S*n ever let a fact get in the way of a good headline?

Deeney, who has two goals in eight Championship appearances this season, scored a grand total of three goals against Arsenal in 10 games.

He lost seven of them.