Arsenal have confirmed the signing of 18-year-old forward Nikolaj Duus Möller from Malmö.

Nikolaj Duus Möller with Malmö (Photo via Möller on Instagram)
Nikolaj Duus Möller with Malmö (Photo via Möller on Instagram)

Arsenal have confirmed the deadline capture of Nikolaj Duus Möller from Malmö, a player few of us had heard of until Monday.

Referred to as one of the club’s ‘greatest attacking talents’ by the Swedish media, Möller has joined the u23s initially after signing a four-year deal with an option of a fifth.

Arsenal will reportedly pay around £450,000 for him.

Möller is 194cm (6’4″) according to Swedish outlets, but he’s still quite a technical striker despite his height. He trained with the Malmö first team regularly despite not making their squad yet. He previously played for the Bologna youth teams in Italy.

It seems like a sensible deal for Arsenal, filling a spot in the u23s for a low price. If he does well at academy level, he’s already the tallest striker at the club, so he’d make a good option in senior games where an aerial presence is required.