Matt Macey is hoping to leave Arsenal this summer for regular football in 2020/21, whether that’s on loan or a permanent deal.

matt macey
Matt Macey

Arsenal goalkeeper Matt Macey is planning to leave the club this summer, even if that means a loan spell in the final year of his contract with the Gunners.

The club activated Macey’s one-year contract extension option earlier in 2020, keeping him until 2021. At the time, that made sense, given Bernd Leno’s injury and the season going on beyond Macey’s June 2020 contract.

However, now it seems the goalkeeper is hoping to move on and get his playing career going. He’s 26, and tells The Telegraph he wants to be back on the pitch every week.

“For me, it is all about playing regular football again,” Macey said. “My focus is to go and find games wherever I can. The club are keen for me to go and play and be successful, wherever that may be and whether that is on a loan or a permanent deal.”

Macey is happy to leave England for the right offer, and Arsenal clearly aren’t against it. They have Dejan Iliev as a third-choice goalkeeper if they need to find one internally.

The club probably aren’t expecting a major sale, which is why they’re seemingly open to a loan. A loan fee would probably bring in roughly the same amount as a transfer fee from Arsenal’s point of view.

The only difference would be that the buying club wouldn’t have to commit to a longer contract, initially. Plus, Macey could keep his options open when he’s a free agent next summer.

On loan or a permanent departure, it’s probably good to let him go and play now.