Mikel Arteta has become the latest high profile person connected with the Premier League to splash out a lot of cash on a specially trained guard dog to protect is home.

Mikel Arteta and his new best friend, via Elite Protection Dogs
Mikel Arteta and his new best friend, via Elite Protection Dogs

Following the lead (ha) of the likes of Jack Grealish (£25,000 on a Belgian Malinois), Jack Wilshere (unknown from same firm Arteta used), Paul Pogba (approx £15,000 with Chaperone K9 who also supplied Marcus Rashford and Phil Jones), and Hugo Lloris (£15,000 on a Belgian Shepherd), Mikel Arteta has paid £20,000 for a Dutch Shepherd.

He purchased the pooch from Elite Protection Dogs, who provide ‘exclusive dogs for exclusive people’.

To quote them in full, “We are an international team of protection dog developers with 35 years of experience in cynology, including a team of professional dog handlers/trainers and a head office based in the heart of London.

“We have been brought together by one idea- to create a superdog with elite genes and skills, custom for elite people.”


The trend has emerged after a number of attacks and robberies suffered by footballers as they are increasingly targeted because of their wealth.

Chaperone K9 chief Richard Arnold said earlier this year: “Footballers are obviously targeted individuals.

“They want something that when they go away will keep their family safe.

“They’re not aggressive animals in the slightest — until called upon.”