Mesut Ozil is set to stay at Arsenal for the final year of his contract but rather than just waste that time by not playing, the midfielder wants to get back in the side.

Mesut Ozil and Mikel Arteta
Things started so well…

Mesut Ozil likes it at Arsenal.

Why wouldn’t he? They pay him £350kpw and he was idolised for many years when he arrived at the club. Even while being ostracised, for reasons nobody is entirely sure about, the playmaker still finished the season with more chances created than anyone else in the squad – and he hasn’t been picked since before the world fell apart.

Speaking recently, Ozil’s agent made it clear the player is going nowhere and wants to see out the last year of his deal. Even then, Ozil’s rep said it was only ‘90%’ that he would leave next summer, hinting that they might even be after a new deal.

Of course, many are criticising Ozil for wanting to just sit around and collect his wages, but he isn’t the one not picking himself.

According to a report in this week’s Mail on Sunday, based on ‘sources inside the dressing room’ [read: Mesut Ozil and his agent], “those that know him say he is happy in north London and focused on returning to training and being available if Arteta changes his mind.”

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Rob Draper, Mail on Sunday, 2 August, 2020

Ozil flew off to Turkey before the FA Cup final, knowing he wouldn’t be included in the squad, and it is a problem Arsenal need to find a solution to, sooner rather than later.

It’s one thing letting a player like Ozil just waste away if you are Chelsea or Manchester City, it’s quite another when you have a talented player, a limited budget and desperate need for creativity in the side.

Whatever the issue, it would be best for all if a solution could be found that lets Ozil play football again, wherever that might be.

Or, at the very least, explain why that can’t be at Arsenal.