There’s no stopping the new FA Cup 2020-2021 season now! After the major delays last season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions have eased up at last.

Arsenal's Gabonese striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang holds the winner's trophy as the team celebrates victory after the English FA Cup final football match between Arsenal and Chelsea at Wembley Stadium in London, on August 1, 2020. - Arsenal won the match 2-1. (Photo by Catherine Ivill / POOL / AFP)
Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang holds the winner’s trophy on August 1, 2020. (Photo by Catherine Ivill / POOL / AFP)

Thus, sporting events can now proceed as usual, although with strict health and safety protocols. The FA Cup 2020-2021 season is set to kick off on September 1, 2020.

For sports bettors, the “pre-season” is considered by some as a preparation stage. This is because when you can see the first odds and predictions and the latest sports betting lines, which you can use as a guide to formulate your betting strategy.

With that in mind, here are the odds and predictions for the FA Cup 2020-2021 season.

Who will win the FA Cup in the 2020-2021 Season?

Even now, there are odds and predictions out there for the upcoming FA Cup 2021 season. Bear in mind, though, that none of these predictions are final and they do not, in any way, reflect the outcome of the upcoming games.

Manchester City

Man City is the top favourite to win the FA Cup this upcoming season, and there’s good reason for this. Being one of the clubs with the biggest net worth, they can easily sign up the most expensive and the most talented players out there, giving them a clear edge over others. They’ve had a lot of success in the domestic cup competitions in recent years as a result.


There is no denying that Liverpool is one of the best clubs out there, but they have a track record of not doing well for the FA Cup–or, at least not as well as fans are expecting of them. Under the management of Jurgen Klopp, many analysts and sports prediction experts are saying that it is hard to see Liverpool making it on the latter parts of this upcoming season.

That might change, though, depending on what Klopp may have up his sleeve.


Despite being the champions and setting a record for trophy wins, the Gunners are only third on the spot of the favourites. For now, that is. However, this does not mean that you can easily discount Arsenal as one of the top contenders for the upcoming season.

Being the defending champion, one can only expect the club to put only their best foot forward from the beginning of the season. Under the leadership of Mikel Arteta, the Gunners are expected to be in better shape than recent seasons and maximise their performance from the off.


Chelsea are still among the top favourites, though not in a spot as good as that of other clubs. For the club, it was “so near yet so far” last season as they lost the final to Arsenal suffering a disappointing comeback defeat to them. Nonetheless, they delivered a stellar performance in the competition overall.

Now that they are looking to sign-up top-of-the-line players, Chelsea are expected to get back on their feet and make a comeback this season.

Final thoughts

If you are already a seasoned sports bettor, then you already know how odds and predictions work: while the odds are based on several factors that matter to the games, they are not a reliable way to accurately predict the outcome of a game. After all, there are still several developments to come, across the competition and in each team.

Some of the developments that will still drive significant changes to the odds include player transfers, player hiatus, or player comebacks if any. Even the weather conditions during the games can sometimes shift the odds in favour of one team to another. As a bettor, what you always need to do is to keep yourself updated with all the changes in the odds and predictions.