The Premier League provided an update on four Arsenal youngsters this week, in the form of their official retained lists for 2019/20.

Alfie Matthews with Arsenal (Photo via Instagram)
Alfie Matthews with Arsenal (Photo via Instagram)

Every season, the Premier League posts a full list of all the players each club are keeping on for the next year. However, not every player has their contract situation sorted at this point. Some have clarifications next to their name, including four young Arsenal players.

The first one is no real surprise if you’ve been following Arsenal’s website over the last few days. Matthew Dennis will leave the club this summer, after 12 years with the Gunners. He made 28 appearances for the u18s and came off the bench for the u23s this season.

You may also have seen that Nathan Tormey confirmed his decision to leave Arsenal. The Premier League validates Tormey’s claim that he received an offer from the Gunners before deciding to move on.

Alfie Matthews is the third youth player mentioned on the Premier League list, and they put him down as “excess period”. Presumably, this means he has a short-term extension to keep training with the club this summer.

We recently covered social media posts from Matthews hinting at a move away.

Finally, Ryan Alebiosu has a contract offer, but we don’t know yet whether he plans to sign it. Unlike the other three, there’s no hint from Arsenal or his social media about his decision.