Dani Ceballos is keeping his options open for next season, suggesting the most important thing pre-Euros is playing for a team in which he feels important.

dani ceballos v crystal palace
LONDON, ENGLAND: Dani Ceballos of Arsenal during the Premier League match against Crystal Palace on October 27, 2019. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

According to the latest quotes from Dani Ceballos, he’s still considering all his options ahead of next season. The Arsenal loanee has a deal until this summer as things stand, at which point he’ll return to Real Madrid.

Previously, all the public comments from the player suggested he sees his long-term future back in Spain. However, now it appears he’s hinting that another loan move pre-European Championships is possible if that’s what it takes to play for his country.

“My objective is to play in the European Championship and Olympic Games,” Ceballos admitted. “When they are happening you need to find a team where you feel important. The future is far away, we can’t predict what will happen in a month and a half.”

It definitely doesn’t seem like Ceballos is unhappy with his time in England so far. In fact, he’s recommending playing in the Premier League to anyone who gets the opportunity to do so.

“Anyone who likes football like I do would have to come and play in the Premier League sometime,” Ceballos continued. “Football in England is like a religion, it is played every three days because there are two cup competitions.

“The fans are very respectful and they live it differently to what happens in Spain. Although this doesn’t mean the Spanish league is less important, it’s just that in England football is breathed from every angle.”

Based on all his comments so far, it seems like Ceballos still sees himself as a Real Madrid starter someday. However, it’s starting to look like he might consider another year in England first.