Thomas Partey is a boyhood Arsenal fan and keen to learn from Mikel Arteta, informing Atletico Madrid of his desire to leave, according to a report.

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BARCELONA, SPAIN: Thomas Partey of Atletico de Madrid plays the ball on March 01, 2020. (Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images)

The AFC Bell claim Thomas Partey didn’t need any persuading when Arsenal contacted him. He gave his approval to the Gunners, and informed Atletico Madrid of his desire to move to the Premier League. However, the two clubs don’t have any agreement yet.

This aligns with an article in The Telegraph earlier this week, claiming Partey ‘made it clear’ he wants to move to Arsenal.

Per The AFC Bell, there are three factors behind Partey’s reported desire to move to North London. Firstly, he was an Arsenal fan as a child, picking the team because he didn’t want to be the same as his Manchester United-supporting brothers.

Secondly, he wants to play under Mikel Arteta. He likes what he’s heard about Arteta’s impact on the players at Manchester City, and thinks the coach could help develop him as an individual.

Finally, the chance to live in London is also appealing. Partey’s fiancee works as a model, largely moving between the English capital and New York. If the player lived in London, he could see her more often.

None of this gets around the fact that Arsenal probably just can’t afford a €50m release clause this summer. Unless the Premier League restarts and the Gunners push up into the top four (or five), it just seems unrealistic.

Perhaps they could figure out a creative way around the problem. A swap deal, payment in instalments, or similar. But it’s a big ask and not something I’d bet on at this point in time. It’s good to hear Partey himself is up for it, though.