Arsene Wenger thinks the priority is for the Premier League to complete their current season, even if that means pushing fixtures back.

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MONACO, MONACO – FEBRUARY 18: Arsene Wenger speaks at the Winners Press Conference. 2019 Laureus World Sports Awards on February 18, 2019, in Monaco, Monaco. (Photo by Christian Alminana/Getty Images for Laureus)

Speaking to talkSPORT, Wenger insisted English football has to have the completion of the current campaign as their priority.

“I believe the priority for the Premier League is to finish the season,” Wenger said. “That could mean pushing fixtures back until the end of June, but they have to do that.”

Everything is a bit up in the air with the Premier League at the moment. Most recently, they decided to push the return of football back to the end of April, whilst also ‘indefinitely’ extending the end of the season. That’s just the current plan though.

Realistically, none of us knows whether football really will return in April. It’s also impossible to say whether it’s realistic to expect the season to play to its conclusion.

Obviously, completing the season is the easiest way to go on – assuming it’s possible to do fairly and safely. From there, it’s simple to sort out what we do about next season, and we can go on as normal.

Whether it’s likely we can get all the fixtures done without risking player health and safety and without compromising the integrity of the competition is another matter.