In what could be absolutely huge news, the first humans in the UK have been enrolled in trials for a potential Covid-9/Coronavirus vaccine.

covid 19According to the PA and The Guardian, “Researchers from the University of Oxford have launched a new clinical trial to test the effects of potential drug treatments for patients admitted to hospital with the virus.

“Peter Horby, professor of emerging infectious diseases and global health in the Nuffield department of medicine, University of Oxford, and chief investigator for the trial, said: “There is an urgent need for reliable evidence on the best care for patients with Covid-19.

“Providing possible new treatments through a well-designed clinical trial is the best way to get that evidence.

“All patients will receive the standard full medical care, regardless of which treatment group they are placed in.”

The Guardian also report that, “Adult inpatients who have tested positive for Covid-19 in NHS hospitals, and not been excluded for medical reasons, will be offered the chance to take part in the trial.”

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