The FA are expected to remain in charge of the Women’s Super League for at least two more seasons to ensure the standards of facilities and competition is raised before a Premier League takeover.

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The Premier League will meet next week and, among issues up for discussion, is their proposed takeover of the FA WSL that will aim to find a way to squeeze money out of it like they did with the men’s game.

They will, reportedly, consider the ‘feasibility’ of taking over the FA WSL which, translated, means they will see if it will make them enough money to be bothered with about.

Considering that the Premier League was an entirely different product when it was the old Division 1 until they decided to chuck a ton of money at it and turn it from sport to entertainment, there is absolutely no reason they can’t do the same with the women’s game if they so desire.

The problem isn’t that they don’t think they can make enough money, the problem is they have no desire to make it for women and are working out how best to keep it all for themselves first.

In my ill-informed opinion, of course.