Here are the latest disciplinary updates from the FA website with some well-known names among the leaders.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 05: Dominique Janssen of Arsenal is shown a yellow card by referee Lindsey Robinson during the SSE Women's FA Cup Final match between Arsenal Women and Chelsea Ladies at Wembley Stadium on May 5, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)
 (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)

All data is provided by the FA WSL website.

Please also note this data is not 100% reliable. The FA website has Andria Georgiou on four yellow cards, for example, but she served a suspension for yellow-card accumulation last Sunday:

Red cards (FA WSL)

1 Niamh Fahey (Liverpool) & Ella Tooner (Man United): 1 red card, 2 yellow cards

3 Grace Moloney (Reading): 1 red card, 1 yellow card

4 Rachel Rowe (Reading) & Keira Walsh (Man City): 1 red card

Five players have been red carded so far this season, which is about 0.07 red card per game.

Reading lead the way with two sendings-off ahead of Liverpool, Man United and Man City.

Red cards (FA WC)

1 Grace Coombs (Charlton): 1 red card and 2 yellow cards

2 Harley Bennett (London City Lionesses): 1 red card and 1 yellow card

3 Rebecca Anderson(Coventry), Chelsey Jukes (Blackburn) & Jade Richards (Aston Villa) 1 red card.

Five players also red carded in the FA WC, same ration around 0.07 per game. Five different teams, so no clear leader in that category.

Yellow cards (FA WSL)

Automatic 1 game ban after 5 bookings, italics indicate ban already served.

1 Lauren James (Man Utd) 6 yellow cards

2 Remi Allen (Reading) 5 yellow cards

3 Josie Green (Tottenham), Jade Moore* (Reading), Ashleigh Neville (Tottenham) and Jill Roord (Arsenal) 4 yellow cards

7 Kenza Dali (West Ham), Rachel Furness (Liverpool), Angharad James ( Reading), Danique Kerkdijk (Brighton), Cecilie Kwamme (West Ham), Hayley Ladd ( Man Utd), Kate Longhurst (West Ham), Matilde Lundorf (Brighton), Lucia Leon ( ottenham), Chloe Peplow (Tottenham), Leigh-Anne Robe (Liverpool), Harriet Scott (Birmingham), Amy Turner (Man Utd), Aileen Whelan (Brighton) and  Katie Zelem (Man Utd) 3 yellow cards

Lauren James leads the pack and has already served a ban. Reading have two players serving a suspension with the FA WSL website incorrect regarding Jade Moore.


As far as the top number of bookings ranking is concerned, Man United and Tottenham lead with four players while Reading, Brighton and West Ham have three.

Yellow cards (FA WC)

Automatic 1 game ban after 5 bookings, italics indicate ban already served.

1 Hannah Mackenzie (Crystal Palace) 7 yellow cards

2 Abby Holmes (Durham) 6 yellow cards

3 Andria Georgiou* (Crystal Palace), Annabel Blanchard ( Leicester), Natasha Fenton (Blackburn), Annabel Johnson (Crystal Palace) and Lily Maple* (Charlton) 4 yellow cards

7 Magda Mosengo (Crystal Palace), Lachante Paul (Leicester), Nicole Pepper ( Crystal Palace), Sarah Robson (Durham), Leeta Rutherford (Crystal Palace) and Rebecca Salicki (Durham) 3 yellow cards

Lily Maple from Charlton will serve a ban next weekend, again, this is not reflected on the FA WSL website:

suspension 1

For the championship sides’ players in the top ten bookings list, there are three clear leaders – Crystal Palace, who are way ahead of everyone else, Durham and Leicester.

If you look at the names at the top of the rankings in term of yellow cards, they seem consistent with the teams who employ and aggressive style of play (in FA WSL). I would not be able to pass judgement on teams in the FA WC considering I don’t watch those games regularly.

We all know that refereeing in the FA WSL and FA WC is lenient, as referees seem reluctant to give yellow and red cards in general.

Law 12 is rarely applied as it is written. This is probably because many games would end up with one or more red cards and a dozen yellow.

I would actually welcome a game that ended like that because it would force players to shift their mentality.

If they were consistently penalised for their fouls and booked appropriately, they would leave their team short through suspension and over the long-term, that would help the football flow while making it more entertaining as well.