UEFA have capped the price of away tickets after a letter from fan groups representing Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, and Chelsea showed what was possible when we all work together for the same goal.

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The price of tickets for away games will be capped in the Europa League and Champions League with immediate effect.

It now means that clubs will no longer be able to rip-off the visiting fans of bigger clubs by hiking their prices to ridiculous levels. Just the home fans, I guess. Still, baby steps.

For the 19/20 season, ticket prices will be capped as follows:

  • Champions League: Max price €70
  • Europa League: Max price €45

Although the statement on UEFA’s official site does not mention the letter from the fan groups, a report in the Spanish publication, Mundo Deportivo, credits them with pushing UEFA to act.

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Mundo Deportivo, 1 September, 2019

Translated, the above article says, “After the letter of complaint sent by the fans of Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal, UEFA has agreed with the European clubs a commitment to the away fans to have up to a maximum price of 70 euros for matches of the Champions League and a 45 euros for the meetings of the Europe League.”

The fan groups also called on UEFA to allocate 80% of tickets for European finals to the fans of the teams playing in the match. In what was a six-point plan, they also asked for:

  • Venues that are to not subject to charges for the poor treatment of fans.
  • Finals awarded to cities with the best transport links and adequate hotel capacity.
  • Host countries that abide by a human rights and equality policy.

The Europa League final was, of course, held in Azerbaijan, the worst place in Europe to be LGBT with a seriously questionable human rights record that some players can’t travel to.

Liverpool and Spurs fans, meanwhile, faced exorbitant costs simply to watch their teams play in Madrid.

All four sets of fans got screwed on ticket allocation.

Commenting on the introduction of the ticket price cap, UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin said: “Fans are the lifeblood of the game and those who follow their teams to away matches must have access to tickets at a reasonable price, bearing in mind the cost they have already had to incur for their trip.

“By capping ticket prices, we want to make sure that away fans can still travel to games and play their part in making the atmosphere inside football stadiums so special.”

It remains to be seen if UEFA will act on the remaining five points.