Meet Milan Guendouzi, Matteo’s younger brother who also plays football and sports a hairstyle just like his older sibling.

milan guendouzi
Milan Guendouzi

Just over two years younger than Arsenal’s Matteo, Milan Guendouzi has just moved from FC Lorient’s u19 side to ES Troyes AC’s B team in Ligue 2 on a free transfer.

Matteo, of course, also came through the Lorient ranks but he moved from their u19’s into their B team before making the senior side so it wouldn’t seem like Milan isn’t destined to follow too closely in his brother’s footsteps, although you never know. He still is only 17 after all and mistakes have been made at youth level by countless teams.

“Arsenal contacted us and it was very clear immediately he was a player they wanted to sign,” Lorient president Loic Fery explained, however, in comments about Matteo that reveal, perhaps, their thinking about his younger brother. “Once we had those clubs starting to be interested, we asked him where he wanted to go. He told me that Arsenal was his preference. He wanted to play in the Premier League and Arsenal would be great for him.”

“One thing we don’t do at Lorient is let players who have such big potential go to clubs that are not top notch,” Fery added, tellingly. “We definitely felt Arsenal would be a very good match for him.”