Megan Rapinoe was at Arsenal’s game against Fiorentina on Saturday night and she took some time out to pose with fellow social justice warrior, Hector Bellerin, before speaking about Donald Trump’s latest racist episode.

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L’Equipe 8 July 2019

Megan Rapinoe is brilliant.

Not only does she wind up Donald Trump (and Piers Morgan), she highlights the rampant sexism still at play in the modern game just by existing.

Misogynists everywhere hate her.

They say it’s got nothing to do with her being female or gay, it’s just that she’s arrogant.

These same people, who hate Rapinoe’s arrogance, can often be found fawning over the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a human being into which you couldn’t stuff any more arrogance if you tried, or the (allegedly) rapey Christiano Ronaldo.

No, they absolutely hate her because she’s female. And gay. And better at football than they could ever dream of being – and she shoves it in their faces when they complain.

In short, she is fragile masculinity’s worst nightmare.

So, I was delighted to see her posing with Hector in Charlotte. Hector, as we know, is one of only a handful of footballers who uses their huge platform to speak out for the rights of others.

Speaking to The Charlotte Observer, Rapinoe was asked about Donald Trump’s recent racist tweets and the chants of ‘send her back’ that he oversaw at one of his recent Third Reich-wannabe rallies.

“I think we’re one step away from just saying a racial slur on national television, from the president of the United States,” Rapinoe said.

“At every step it’s shocking and I hope people don’t stop being shocked by it all, because it’s truly the worst of the worst. She (Omar) should be celebrated if anything. To come here and be in Congress — to be the woman that she is, to be the leader that she is, to bring that different voice to the table — I think is something incredible. Something that we need in this country to be better.”

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The Charlotte Oberver 21 July 2019

In case you missed it, Donald Trump tweeted that four female democratic US senators of colour – three of whom who were born in the States and one of whom has lived in the country for far longer that Trump’s own wife – should ‘go back’ to their countries.

“All the lines were crossed forever ago for Donald Trump, dating back to birtherism and the whole thing. But certainly, it’s shocking.

“I think this country was quite literally built on the backs of people who weren’t from here and were forced to come here in slavery.

“But just in a broader sense, the best thing about this country is the diversity in the country and everything that it brings, and the fact that we have welcomed people from all over to create what has become the United States of America.”

Rapinoe was also asked if she would consider running for political office.

“I don’t know if that’s for me,” she said.

“I’ve been getting asked that question a lot, quite seriously even about next year.

“I always say I’m so unqualified. And they say, ‘Well, there are no qualifications anymore.’”