Arsenal’s ‘brand’ is the 7th strongest in the world which will no doubt console all those fans unable to attend the Europa League final later this month.

European Super League money
money money money

That’s what it’s all about, right? Brand value? That’s what football is now. No longer a sport for the people it is a money-making vehicle for the already ultra-rich wealth hoarders.


Real Madrid, funded by the Spanish Royal family, top the charts of Brand Finance’s Top 50 Football Brands, overtaking Manchester United, owned by American billionaires.

Top 10 most valuable brands (value in brackets):

  1. Real Madrid €1.646bn
  2. Manchester United €1.472bn
  3. Barcelona €1.393bn
  4. Bayern Munich €1.3145bn
  5. Manchester City €1.255bn
  6. Liverpool €1.191bn
  7. Chelsea €968m
  8. PSG €914m
  9. Arsenal €885m
  10. Tottenham €758m

It’s worth noting that Manchester City’s ‘brand’ is worth less than they’ve spent on players in the last 10 years.

top 10 valuable brands
via Brand Finance

Top 10 strongest brands (position last year):

  1. Real Madrid (2)
  2. Barcelona (1)
  3. Bayern Munich (4)
  4. Manchester United (3)
  5. Liverpool (5)
  6. Manchester City (9)
  7. Arsenal (6)
  8. Chelsea (7)
  9. Juventus (8)
  10. Tottenham (10)
top 10 strong brands
via Brand Finance