Alex Iwobi came in for heavy criticism following his childish reaction to Rennes Hamari Traore on Thursday night however the Nigerian will not be issuing an apology anytime soon and has explained why.

alex iwobi v rennes

The S*n, of course, couldn’t wait to trash Iwobi after he was spotted holding his nose and waving in the direction of Traore.

At the time it seemed a stupidly childish gesture, however, Iwobi has taken to Snapchat in the wake of excessive criticism, to explain why he did what he did…and why he won’t be saying sorry.

The bit that has cut off in the above tweet says, “…but they will quickly say something to me, I’m sorry bro but I’ aint…’ and that’s where it cut off.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t bring myself to capitalise the first letter of every word. How do you even learn to write like that?

Anyway, I’m sure it will all die down soon enough as the papers move on to some other nonsense.