As I was searching the German media for any news or updates about the Sven Mislintat situation, I came across an article from last month in which he talks about what he needs.

Sven Mislintat, formerly of Borussia Dortmund, has become Arsenal's new Head of Recruitment.
Sven Mislintat at Dortmund

At the time of writing, it seems very likely that Mislintat will leave the club, although the reasons for that are still murky and speculation abounds.

Reports that he’s upset about Arsenal contacting Edu to become technical director at the club seem backward. According to Tim Stillman, someone you can take seriously and who knows his stuff, the Brazil reports about Edu turning the job down that surfaced in light of the Mislintat story is about a week old.

Besides, Mislintat isn’t leaving because Arsenal approached Edu, Arsenal approached Edu because Mislintat was leaving.

“When I connect with a player,” Mislintat told Sport Bild in December, “he needs to know that I’m there for him. It [the fallout at Dortmund] was about credibility. The thing has not even escalated. I was only told at some point, I should no longer appear in the environment of the coaching team and the team. There never was a real argument.”

Does that tell us anything about what’s going on at Arsenal? Perhaps, but it will probably tell us more when we get a clearer picture of what is actually happening.

There have been reports that Unai Emery is more involved in the recruitment side than Mislintat had been lead to believe, perhaps his suggestions aren’t being listened to.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…