According to a report from Italy, Aaron Ramsey’s agent will receive €9m when the midfielder moves to Turin for free in the summer.

Of course, it’s hard to say how much truth there is to the ‘news‘ that David Baldwin will pocket this amount of money, but his behaviour throughout has seemed what many might consider ‘odd’.

Earlier in 2018, it was reported that Ramsey’s agent was pushing him hard to turn down the Arsenal offer that was on the table. Arsenal then, of course, withdrew the offer and have refused to produce another despite that clearly being what the player and fans want.

Arsenal had been asking for €20m to allow Ramsey to leave in January but the Italians have no desire to pay that and it is now being reported by the Guardian that Ramsey has agreed a five-year deal with Juve.

The deal as they are reporting it is worth just under £140kpw, a little more than the £110kpw reports from Italy that have been claiming a five-year deal has been agreed for a couple of weeks now.