Saturday’s Daily Telegraph Sport put together a ranking of the big six sides by their win percentage after an international break, so let’s take a look at where Arsenal fit in.

Coming off the back of the final international break of the year, Arsenal face Bournemouth in Sunday’s 1:30pm kickoff. It won’t be an easy game, but the Gunners tend to have a decent record in these post-break matches, as we can see by the win percentage ranking for the last five seasons below:

  • Manchester City – 72.2%
  • Chelsea – 66.7%
  • Arsenal – 61.1%
  • Manchester United – 55.6%
  • Tottenham Hotspur – 55.6%
  • Liverpool – 44.4%

Chelsea and Manchester City usually see significant rises in their win rate for these games, whilst Liverpool really drop off. Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur all remain at roughly their usual levels.

However, that’s not how things have gone this weekend so far. The worst two performers, Tottenham and Liverpool, won comprehensively. Meanwhile, second-placed Chelsea suffered a defeat. Only the Manchester clubs got results that fit the trend.

The worst performers in the league are Southampton, with a win rate of 34%, so perhaps that explains how they ended up on the losing side against relegation candidates Fulham.

Hopefully, Arsenal can give their win rate a bit of a boost with a victory on Sunday.