What do you get the man who has just about everything? Well, a gold wrap for his prized-Lamborghini, obviously.

Custom car designer to football’s royalty, Yiannimize, has posted a photograph of Aubameyang’s glistening Lamborghini and I can only wonder how long it will be until Donald Trump decides he wants one too.

Recently snapped having dinner with Salt Bae, Auba’s love of cars is legendary.

Cars in Aubameyang’s collection

1. Porsche Panamera Turbo Techart – £140,000

Porsche Panamera Turbo Techart

2. Lamborghini Aventador – £270,000

Auba’s Lamborghini

3. Ferrari 812 Superfast – £250,000

Ferrari 812 Superfast

4. Range Rover Sport Mansory – £150,000

Range Rover Sport Mansory

5. Audi R8 V10 Plus – £128,000

Audi R8 V10 Plus

6. Aston Martin DB9 Volante 2 – £140,000

Aston Martin DB9 Volante 2

7. Ferrari 488 Spider – £205,000

Ferrari 488 Spider

8. Porsche Panamera Mansory C One – £113,000

Porsche Panamera Mansory C One