Steve Bould applied for the manager job at Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC in the K-League, according to reports in the Korean media.

Korean outlet Donga write that around 100 people applied for the job, with around 20 of those applications coming from overseas. In early November, two candidates were selected for the final round of interviews, before Jose Morais was eventually chosen as their new manager.

Bould reportedly didn’t make it to that final round of the selection process though, dropping out of contention when Jeonbuk put together the final shortlist.

It raises the question of whether the Arsenal assistant plans to stay at the club for much longer. With Unai Emery bringing his own coaches and methods, Bould is seemingly just acting as someone to help transition from the old staff to the new. Once that transition is complete, perhaps he’ll try to move on.

It’s an understandable position for the former Arsenal defender to take. After all, he’s already spent six years working as an assistant manager for the club, and it doesn’t seem like there’s much chance of him progressing to the top job.

Of course, this all requires a club to want to hire him as manager. Until that happens, there wouldn’t be much benefit in him leaving Arsenal. We’ll see how things pan out.