Jessica Samuelsson was spotted on Sunday wearing a cast as the player confirmed she has suffered another injury.

Jessica Samuelsson signed for Arsenal in mid-August 2017. After only a handful of appearances, she suffered a ruptured ligament in her foot while on international duty when she fell awkwardly.

At the time of that injury, it was reported in her native Sweden that she would only be out for a short period of time after x-rays showed there was no bone damage. In an interview at the time with Radio Sports, Samuelsson said, “We’ll probably start working with rehab right tomorrow and then we’ll see how the foot reacts. But, because it is a muscle injury, it should go quite fast. Hopefully, I can start playing again in a week or so.”

Just 10 days later, however, it was confirmed that Samuelsson required surgery to fix the problem and she hasn’t played since, totalling up just eight appearances since she signed from Linköping.

On Sunday, at the end of Arsenal’s win over Brighton, Samuelsson was snapped on the pitch wearing a cast on her right foot:

jessica samuelsson
Photo by Marcia Milnes

As if that wasn’t obvious enough, Samuelsson also confirmed on her Instagram page that she is injured again:

jessica samuelsson injured
via Instagram

I contacted Arsenal this morning to get an update and, as I waited, they provided one on, that stated:

“Jessica fractured her foot whilst playing for Sweden in a match against England on November 11.

“Since returning to Arsenal, she has been working hard on her rehabilitation and is receiving specialist medical care.

“This fracture is unrelated to her previous injury that she sustained last season.

“Everyone at the club will be supporting Jessica to get her back to full fitness as soon as possible.”