Jordan Nobbs will sit out the rest of the season due to an ACL injury but why are women so much more susceptible to this sort of injury than men? We decided to seek out expert opinion about the matter.

Speaking to the Times [£] at the weekend, Vivianne Miedema was asked about Jordan Nobb’s ACL injury that she picked up recently against Everton.  The England midfielder is facing around eight-to-ten months on the sidelines, ruling her out of the World Cup in France this summer, but Miedema’s reply brought home how ACLs are much more of a concern for female players than male.

“I always know it can happen,” Miedema said. “In the last couple of years, all we have been doing is research to see what the injury is and how you can prevent that. We just need to focus on our games and training and try to stay fit and just hope that we are lucky to not get that injury.”

We spoke to Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT, a Wellness coach and performance specialist from LA about the problem. He put together this brilliant video about the problem, why it happens, how surgery repairs the problem, why women suffer ACLs more than men and what her recovery should look like:

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